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    I recently made a form that is pretty straight forward, on submission it sends the e-mail to 2 individuals and one distribution group, we are using our own mail server to send the messages as our policies will not allow an outside address to e-mail the groups. The problem is, that when the notifications are parsed by the form it is sending between 3 and 5 e-mails Per person/group in 2 second or so intervals. as entertaining as it is, 20 some blackberries beeping in unison 5 times in a row and is starting to give the staff some headaches :)


    It sounds wildly entertaining, but perhaps one notification would suffice. I would first look at the group to see if users are in the group more than once. Check to see if the individuals are part of the group. Check to see if there are notification behaviors located outside of the workflow (where we recommend that they reside). Perhaps there is a notification behavior on when form submits data or when button is pressed. If none of these yield any results, you can export the form and attach a copy of the .pf file to a support inquiry at: /support_contact.php. I will review the form for you.

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    Thanks for the Reply Dennis, I had our network admin check out the exchange end of the issue, and everything checks out, the users are only in the group once. its an odd little behavior as certain drop down selections on the form trigger a different avalanche of e-mails (5 from one particular selection, 3 from one and 2 from another.) the notifications are tied to the submit button and this particular notification command only occurs once on the form. its on the initial user submission. I sent a copy of the form in to the Support Contact Page.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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