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    Hello PerfectForms Users,
    Today I would like to provide you with a couple thoughts on notifications. Many workflows out there have approvals that can be pushed along by several people. With PerfectForms, you can account for this situation with 3 simple methods.

    Method 1, Creating User Groups:
    In the Settings tab on your PerfectForms dash you can click new and create a User Group. This functionality is handy if you have your LDAP in sync with PerfectForms as all the information is already in the system. To complete this action you can select the users you would like in the group, then apply the group as the target Role in your form build.

    Method 2, Hard Coding Notifications:
    This is a very simple method. You can write one perfect notification, set the notification to a role, configure the notification directly to an email. IE: “”. Then Copy and Paste it. Once you have the amount you need, string them together in a line, and change the emails in the notification. I would suggest entering a unique name in the notification name (Not the subject) so you can monitor your notifications in the dash, and know who they are sent to.

    Method 3, Using a Table:
    If you need a more dynamic method you can use a single notification command and tie the role, and email to a full column of emails. The benefit of this method is you can base who is in the table off of logic in the form. This functionality will allow for the most flexibility; however would require the most work. This option allows your workflow to be fluid as you can base a single role off a column in a table, that receives its data from selections in the form.

    If you do assign multiple approvers to a single role in a workflow, be sure to “Be Kind and Re-Wind”. You will want to let all the same people know that the goal of the notification is achieved if the workflow moves forward. This will avoid confusion with a user who is one role, arriving in the form a stage late to find the work already complete, read only, disabled, or not accessible.

    Please feel free to ask additional questions below and I will be happy to respond.
    Thanks for reading, and Happy Form Building!

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