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    How can i send notification to selected emaill addresses in a table where col1 is populated with email addresses and col2 is checkbox type.On selecting any 2 checkboxes,notification should be send to ONLY those 2 selected emails.





    I checked the ‘set table rows’ option as well but it just allows me to delete ‘current row’ thats not what im looking for.




    In the notify action, select the appropriate column in your table that holds the email and then the ‘all rows’ element

    but also as per your earlier forum posts your script under the checkbox being selected is to pass the emails into another (hidden) table so your notification is set up against that hidden table where all the emails you want to notify are being stored



    Please ignore my earlier forum post as i have to change the scenario as per user requirement.User is just willing to have one table with two columns.col1 emails and col1 notify(checkboxes).And whatever email is selected in notify command it goes to that email only.

    As what you have suggested,i have selected ‘all rows’ in notification but it sends notification to all the emails in that column.

    So question is still there and how can i send email to ONLY those selected from col2 Notify(checkboxes).



    No you can’t.. hence why in the earlier forum post we pointed you to how to pass data from one table into another (hidden) as users select from your checkbox so only the email for the users they select get passed into the hidden table and it is on that table that you set up the notify action



    I was trying to use just one table and accomplish this instead of using 2nd table and hiding it.But it looks that i;llhave to use 2 tables with one hidden.

    Ok,now we have 2 tables.First table1 is passing data to 2nd table which is hidden.Only problem is how to remove any particular row from table 2 if any checkbox is ‘unchecked’ from table 1.

    i’ll start working on what you have suggested in your post reply.But i;ll appreciate if you send a example form as you said.




    I have nearly done it.I created a ‘check’button.whenever it is clicked it checks the current row from table 1 and current row from table 2.if they dont match,current row from table 2 is moved and again check button is pressed and it checks if they both match or not.If they match,row from table 2 is deleted and first row is again set as current row.Hence hidden table is having only those emails where user wants to send notifications.

    I tested all this on a push button i.e. check button.Now i want to do this all on ‘unchecking’ a checkbox,which im able to do but just only for current row not for whole column.Is it possible to place any kind of loop who checks it.




    no reason why you couldn’t do this by using that same technique that you are using to loop through all the rows in the second table but on the first table as well.

    however, if you are wanting to trigger this from the ‘check box’ event, can’t really see the point of wanting to then check all the other rows in the table. as the users then go to another row in your table to uncheck one of those checkboxes it only needs to be checking what they unchecked (ie current row) in your first table against all the rows in your other table.

    the other option you have of course over all of this, is if you have your users ‘select’ by checking the checkbox in the first row, and then you present them with an option to ‘review selected items’, this being a button on your form, and the script under that is simply then going to hide the existing table and show them instead your ‘hidden table’ .. and then in your hidden table there is a column ‘remove’ that they can check and that simply does a ‘delete current row’, then things are a lot easier for you to manage as well.

    you could even drive ALL of this from form buttons.. one button to say ‘add more users’ (that shows your first table and hides the second), another to say ‘remove users’ (that shows the second table and hides the first). as long as your notify action is set to the second table, it is only those email addresses that are then notified



    hi there,

    Thnx for the example form.But i saw that email when i was at home after work.

    i was able to do it.I used some other technique.I have seen urs as well but i;ll have a look on it later as i was very very busy.

    Once again thnx for ur help.

    I;ll send you screen shot of tht behaviour on ‘checkbox is clicked’.I enjoyed doing it.


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