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    I tried to create a form with a numeric input in two decimals (e.g from 0 to 9999.99). But I found that I can only setup a max with 9999. And I could never input 9999.99 in the field. What should I do?


    Instead of setting a maximum of 9,999, set a maximum of 10,000. That will then allow an input of 9,999.99.



    What if I need to set the maximum number to be 19.5? I tried several times (including 19.50), the system keeps on removing my decimal value, though I already set this field to have decimal of 2. (I am on version Version 2.2). Thanks.



    I just realize – the issue is with table operation. I am able to set 19.5 as max for a regular numeric field, if it is not in a table. But for my purpose, I truly need to set this number limit in a table, based on my calculation requirements…. Please advise. Thanks.


    I see that you cannot do that with a decimal in a table. Instead, do this: When the column changes data use a Simple Branch (is value of numeric field current row > 19.5)? If true clear the field with a Set Field and show a message.



    Yes, this is what I ended up doing. Thank you, Dennis.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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