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    We have a form setup to copy fields to a different page and then print that page so that it’s formatted correctly. Today we had some try to enter a business name that started with Infinity. The only thing that shows up on in that field on the second page and subsequently the printout is the word Infinity. In order to test I setup a test form that has two fields and a button that copies the contents of the first text box to the second. I put “Infinity bacon” in the first box and only Infinity shows up in the second. It copies correctly if you put in “Bacon Infinity” or “Infinity. Bacon” but anytime you have infinity with a space after it as the first thing in a text field the only thing that copies across is the word infinity.


    That is indeed strange. I can confirm what you see in your test. Interestingly it only happens when Infinity is spelled with a capital “I”. For now I can suggest workarounds. The easiest is probably using a Replace Function to replace “Infinity” with “infinity”, or “Infinity.”.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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