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    I have a survey form, on a hidden set up page of this form I enter the lead consultant and the participants of the survey, on submition a notification gos out to the consultant telling her a survey has been sent to her a survey has been sent and a link gos to the participant that opens the survey on the first page. This all works.

    I have a child form of the survey that is a rendering of its data.

    On completion of the survey i.e when the client submits the survey I want to send with a notification object a email with a link to the child form to the consultant so that on clicking the link they open the child form and it pulls in the data from the main parent survey.

    Thank you



    I have tried doing this but not having success. Tim



    Please Ignor poorly stated question above. Thank



    Capson, did you work this out successfully? It sounds like what I need to do.




    Hello Steph,

    I went with a slightly different approach. I made a "sub-form" (3 hidden pages on the main form)

    and with a copy fields behavior pulled the data into this compact rendering of the survey and

    used a work flow to a next stage called reporting and set the form to open to the sub-form

    (i.e page 15) when the form opens when the stage is reporting and sent a email out with a

    notification behavior to the consultant with a link to the form, now when the consultant clicks

    on the link they will only see the "sub-form".

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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