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    I have one simple form with 2 stages.Form Instance name is set to ’empid’.Form completes its flow and is closed.Its all working fine.Now how can i open that closed form intance in any other form,lets say on ‘Press Button Behaviour’,just to view,depending on that particular ’empid’,if current form is having text input object holding same ’empid’.




    the stage of the form is not important. Just set up a forms connection and then a connect action on your second form where the ‘send parameter’ is set to the ’empid’ field.

    refer here for information on how to integrate with other forms





    I followed your instructions but i couldnt do it.

    Let me re-write in steps,

    1- Two forms Sample Form 1 and Sample Form 2.

    2- Sample Form 1 is fetching data from DB using ‘New Form Connection’ connection and ‘Sample Form Action’action,where ‘EmpId’ is Send Parameters and ‘EmpName’ is Return Parameters.

    3- A instance is created and form is in its closed stage.

    4- Sample Form 2 is doing the same job.i.e fetching data from DB using same connection and same action.

    5- A ‘New Form Connection’ is created and Form: Sample Form 1 is selected.A ‘New Form Action’ is created where send parameter is ‘EmpId’ and return patameter is ‘EmpName’.It is tested and working fine.

    Now a button View is created with ‘On Press Button’ behavior.A Connect integration command is used and ‘Connection:New Form Connection and Action:New Form Action’ are used.Again Send parameter is empid from a mask text input object and return parameter is name text input object.

    Now what i want is just to open form instance,instance created by Sample Form 1, depending on empid given on Sample Form 2.





    you want to OPEN sample form 1 from sample form 2 ? is that what you mean ?

    if so, then you will need to treat this differently. in your ‘connection’ return as well the form instance ID to a hidden field on your form (see here to ensure you know what this is : /Documentation/manual/html/dont_confuse_instance_id_with_.html and then use that in the ShowForm behaviour action to launch the actual form

    PS in future , please consiuder using the support ticket for such things where you can also include screen shots that will help explain what you are trying to do a lot easier




    done it by using instance id.


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