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    Lets say i have a form and a report is created on this form instances. Report is having a column as ‘Link’ which opens that form instance in a new window.Is it possible to open that form instance in ‘Read Only Mode’ So that anyone can see that form instance by opening it from ‘Link’ col. but no one is allowed to do any change(s) in that form instance.



    You really only need to control the state (normal/hidden/read only/disabled) of your submit buttons in the form. That way even if edits are made, they cannot be submitted. You could also make entire pages read only. You can determine the state of an object (or page)based on the role and stage (who is viewing it and when). See our documentation for an Overview of field state scenarios: /Documentation/manual/html/?fa_setting_field_state_scenarios.htm.

    Since users must log in to view reports, you could also capture their user name and change the state of objects based on the user. If you want to get more involved you can allow edits but record the user name and show a message like: “Rooman, your edits will be made permanent, and your changes recorded are you certain you want to submit?”




    sorry for late reply as i was busy with some other issues.

    So,i read your reply,im afraid i cant set such role/stage conditions.As i have a user role which acts in 2 different stages. So is there any other way to do it.




    Even if a use occupies 2 different roles, you can still control the state of objects base on role AND STAGE. A submit button can be normal for those roles in one or several stages, and read-only in other stages.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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