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    Is there an easy way to send notifications from a closed incident? I had a bug in my code which caused the notifications to only be sent to half of the people. I thought I could simply create a hidden box that sends the form values to the recipients but it doesn’t send notifications presumably because it’s a closed incident. I’d like to resend the info to the people that did not receive it using the perfecforms system.


    You can build “back door” access for yourself. Create a hidden button that when pressed uses a Notify object, and then use a submit object. You may need t use a Set Next Stage object if your instance is not already in the last stage of your workflow so you do not change workflow stages. Create a behavior on when form opens use a Simple Branch to determine if you are the user opening the instance. If True, make the state of the hidden button normal.

    Save and publish your changes. Map the old instances to the new version:/Documentation/manual/html/?fl_mapping_form_instances_to_anot.htm



    It doesn’t send the notification. I’m assuming because the instance is closed. Do I need to reopen the instance somehow (have it under open instances) for the notifications to work?


    It works while the instance is in a closed stage. Please create a support inquiry at /help-center/support-inquiry/ and attach an export of the form design. Point out where I can find the button you created. I will review the behavior for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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