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    Dear Support.
    Today, My project implement a requirement as below steps show, but at last it fails as the OR Filter could not work correctly.

    1. Create a Form, drag a Text Input and a Submmit Button, the name of Text Input is “TxtGroupList”, and then save and publish.
    2. Create a Form instance, and fill “L1P1,L2P2” into the Text Input, and then submmit the instance.
    3. Create a report, set the datasource from the above Form, select the “TxtGroupList” field as datasource field, and select the “Join Or” radio button.
    4. Drag a Grid into the Report, and then add one column, the column’s field is point to “TxtGroupList”, and select the “dynamic filter” checkbox.
    5. Drag two Input Boxex into the Report, their name are “TxtG1” and “TxtG2”.
    6. Drag a button into the report, open “Button is pressed” behavior.
    7. in the behavior, drag two Set Filter controls.
    8. the setting of the first set filter contorl as below:
    8.1 Datasource: form above Form Instance.
    8.2 Field: “TxtgroupList”.
    8.3 Operator: WildCard
    8.4 value: *+TxtG1+*

    9 the setting of the second Set Filter control:
    9.1 Datasource: form above Form Instance.
    9.2 Field: “TxtgroupList”.
    9.3 Operator: WildCard
    9.4 value: *+TxtG2+*

    10. connect the Set Filter controls from 1st point to 2nd.
    11. save and preview the report.
    12. int the report, fill “L3P3” into TxtG1, “L4P4” intoTxtG2.
    13. click the button in the report to execute the behavior to filter.
    14. I expect that it would not show the form instance, but in actual, the form instance is shown.

    I don’t know why? could you follow my steps, and give me a solution.
    Hope you could feed back as soon as possible.

    Thanks a lot.

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