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    I have two page holiday application form (originally designed for 2010) which has basic employee information on page 1 and a history of holidays on page 2. When page 2 is selected from page 1 a “Page is opened” behaviour runs which basically loads a table with up-to-date data.

    I have now duplicated this whole application for 2011 and discovered that when page 2 is selected, the “Page is opened” behaviour does not appear to work.

    Have gone back to the 2010 version and that no longer seems to work so am I going crazy or has something changed with one of the last two updates.

    HAVE DISCOVERED THAT THE FAULT ONLY OCCURS WITH A “BOOK PAGE TURNING EFFECT” – switch that off and everything works fine. I’m pretty certain that my 2010 application always worked with the “book page turning effect” active.



    I also am experiencing something similar – the Book Page Turning Effect (in V. 1.18) is causing problem for my setting for Gateway-HTTP User. Not sure if this is a bug specific to v.1.18, because we were ok on this when we were using v.1.17. When turning off the Book Page effect then I am able to have this funtion work again. Any input? We really would like to keep using the Book Turning effect on our form(s) if is possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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