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    I want to send a notification email with a password to users who do not exist as users in the system, but are simply designated via an email address in a form field. I can get the notification to be sent, with a link to the form, & password field in the form’s log-on. But where would the password come from, using that method? How would the person being notified know what thier password is?

    Related – what is the purpose of the password input field in the forms toolbox?



    If you are involving users in your forms that are not members of your perfectforms account, you need to give the WORLD account rights to the form. The users are then not required to log in or authenticate to your forms

    refer here:


    for more information on form permissions

    in regard to the password input field..

    Password input is simply a text input field that masks or disguises text entry as the user enters the information.




    What if I need to password protect those form instances? Could I make my own log-in/password process with the password form field?



    Then your audience will need to be defined as users in your perfectforms account, and you set the ‘everyone’ account to have access rights. they will then be prompted to authenticate to access the form.

    if you wanted to do this in a different way, then this password input field could be used for them to enter in the password ‘masked’ and you could use that data however you required



    Thanks – I think I’ll try to used the masked password field.



    If I tried your route, it seems I’d need to purchase an account for each person I want to have be able to access a form with a password. Is that correct? Or is there a way to set up a position or user in the system without an account? I really need to be able to password protect each form instance, and there will be dozens & dozens of them.



    first thing is to check that your form does have the WORLD access right. the form then can be accessed by anyone without them requiring to log into Perfectforms or for you to need to have license keys for them.

    then it is a matter of how you design your form. perhaps you have the first page where you are asking them to enter in their username and password that you will be advising them of seperately. to then do a lookup to an external database where you hold all this information, to return back to the form (to a hidden field that the users cannot see) the password you have stored for that username.

    And then a simple validation condition so that if their password is equal to your password, you let them go to the next page, and if not equal you do not allow them to the next page (perhaps you present a message to them to say passwords do not match

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