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    I was in a demo of Box today and one of the questions that came up is if there is any way to integrate Perfect Forms with Box so that if we had a form with an attachment we could choose to have the attachment load to Box for tracking version changes and final archiving.

    Anyone out there doing something like that with Box or some other content management system?

    What about any integration with Docusign or other e-signature solution? That’s another type of solution we are looking into and many of the questions come back to how to we tie-in our current e-form solution.

    Thanks for any feedback or thoughts.
    (I cross-listed this in the Integrating PerfectForms and General forums.)

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    We do have customers integrating with other CMS tools and AlphaTrust digital signature product. We also have a new web signature feature available. It lets the user sign the form with a finger (on a touch screen) or a mouse. I can have someone from sales to contact you about it if you are interested.
    I am unaware of the technical specifications regarding Box CMS but will forward this request to Product Management to investigate if it supports open APIs or web services.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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