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    I have created a connection to a CSV file, in the hopes that entering a store number would populate fields such as location and store email in a form. I have successfully tested it, in that data shows up when I click Test>Connect under the Action properties, and the headers show up when I add a Connect command. I have also configured the Targets under the Return Parameters, but I do not know how else to configure it so that the fields populate from that CSV.

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    Is your Connection Agent hosted on a machine with a public IP address? If you are using the Connection Agent,  it must be hosted on a machine with a public IP address. In HTML forms your connections will route through our IP address. In other words, all calls to the Connection Agent will be routed through PerfectForms rather than coming straight from the user’s browser. If you use Debug instead of preview the form will open in Flash. If the form is in Flash the call to the Connection Agent will go directly from your browser to the Connection Agent.  The IP address of app.perfectforms.com is

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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