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    Hi All,

    I have recently designed a form to be used by six agencies acting on our behalf to acquire data from their customers/clients. Having completed the form design and tested it, I now realise that only two-thirds of the data can be collected when the form is first used (new form instance), the remaining data can only be collected some weeks or months later. I have done something similar before, leaving the partially filled form at a “holding” stage and sending an email with link to the form user to get access back into the form. This is obviously risky in the possible loss of the link.

    Is this a classic situation for a parent/child application? If so I have the following questions:

    1. Can I use the existing form as a child form?

    2. Do I need to create a front end portal with buttons to create a new form and access an existing form?

    3. Can the child form remain accessible by say, “saving the form”, and then be locked from access by “submitting the form.

    4. In terms of report design, can I access all of the child forms in their current stage?

    I obviously need to allow the various agencies to only access their own forms.

    Any help and guidance on how to tackle this would be appreciated.


    Ian Stewart


    Is there a reason that this cannot be handled with repeat or follow-up notifications?

    There is a new feature in V 2.1 that lets you schedule on-going repeat notifications with one command. The notifications will send at the set interval until the current stage changes. You can also set reminder notifications to send after set periods of time.

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    Thanks Dennis – I have used this method before where there has only been up to 50 to 60 form instances.

    In this new situation 6 agencies are handling a total of around 5,500 application forms. I think trying to manage that quantity of notifications is questionable. Basically on a client’s first visit the first stage of the form would be completed and then at a later date the second stage would be completed. I was hoping that the agency could initiate the first stage by starting a new form instance, save it, then do a look-up on their open forms, select the relevant one, complete it and then close the form.

    Hope this makes sense.



    You could create a connection to your main form and build a “report” form. When your “report” form is opened ask the user to input a field that is unique to them. Use that field and Stage 3 as send parameters and return at least 2 parameters into a table. You are using Stage 3 as a send param because you only want to return instances that need their attention.

    The first return parameter should be something to identify the form instance (instance name would be good) and the instance ID (this column should be hidden). Have another column in your table, a button column. When the button is pressed use a Show Form object and use the instance ID – current row to identify the form.

    You can have as many return parameters (and columns in your table) as you like to help your users identify which instances they want to open.

    I still think that using follow-up notifications is a very good method. Even if you create a “report” form, you should probably still use follow-up notifications.

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    Understand what you are saying about using notifications. Problem is that for each agency there is no specific timescale between part 1 of the form and filling in part 2. In some occasions the time gap may only be a day and other occasions could be months. How long do you leave a notification for and when do you send it. These agencies are not full users so don’t have the dashboard notifications.

    Was hoping I could have a portal form which the agencies would use to select a new application form and have the facility to retrieve one of their existing applications to complete and close.




    That is exactly what I described in the post above. The “report” form would serve as your portal.

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