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    When publishing forms to non-PF users, is there a way prevent multiple submissions?

    Looking for a way to obtain/pass-in a IP address or likewise to identify an anonymous/non-PF user such that this can be checked for non-previous submission.

    There does seem to be something close to this called HTTP Gateway User, but this appears to be something associated with SSO.

    There is also something documented here – /Documentation/tutorials/administering/html/index.html – about external call backs.



    I also found – Passing Data to Forms by Querystring Example, which I suspect is pretty close to the actual mechanism used, apart from determining what unique ID characteristic to use and scripting the construction of the parametrised URL.



    The only way to prevent multiple submissions is to be able to identify who has submitted in the past, and that by its nature precludes anonymity.

    Even if you were able to detect the IP address you would have issues. Consider users working in the same company (or even small home) network. they would all present the same IP address

    but passing out a unique URL to the form using the method you have seen here whereby you are preloading to a field on your form is one way to do this. Users could load the form by editing the URL perhaps, but you can then exclude any data submitted from your final analysis where your ‘field’ does not contain the information you expect.



    Thanks Ian – I agree, the scenario is somewhat paradoxical – anonymous & identification

    As alluded to in my subsequent thoughts on a wider feature request – /forums/topic/feature-request-survey-campaign-administration, the solution lies beyond the atomic level building blocks that already exist to process this sort of scenario.

    I’d perhaps build onto this by including a ID generator to act as the identifier parameter. This would form part of a Campaign Management module I’m suggesting.

    Actually, I’m wondering now if it’s possible to build a PF application to be this Campaign Module?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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