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    Dear, I’m currently evaluating perfectforms and am facing several issues regarding the generated PDF-document:

    1. I use a high-quality logo on my form (.PNG file). This looks ok on the design- and formscreens, but the same logo in the generated PDF is of significant reduced quality.

    2. I have a textfield and next to it an inputfield on the same line. They share the same font, same fontsize, same top-coordinates, same height-coordinates. Everything looks ok on the design- and form-screen. But, the generated PDF shows the inputfield 10 pixels lower then the textfield.

    3. I have a textfield that contains a text with spaces into HTML-code to underline it. This is corretly shown on the screen, but the generated PDF does not underline the spaces in my textfield. I replaced this line with a horizontal separator as work-around.

    4. This is a more pragmatical question. Is it possible to zoom in (and out) on a page when designing a form?

    Just to be clear, the form pages and generated PDF have exactly the same configuration (“Print – DIN 14”, DPI: 72, same dimensions)

    Thanks in advance.


    The ethic behind PerfectForms is driving a paperless environment. While we recognize the requirement for printing capabilities, we have not focused our efforts here. I have submitted a request to the Development Department on your behalf, however printing requirements have generally been given lower priority.

    There is no zoom feature in PerfectForms.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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