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    I’m evaluatng PerfectForms as a replacement for software that we are currently using for workflow automation. I’ve been working with the PF trial software for about a week now and have been generally impressed with its overall functionality and ease of use. However, there are a few functions in our current application that I’m struggling to replace with PF. My lack of PF experience is sure to be a factor limiting both my ability to find an simple solution or to visualize an alternative means to the same end. Ideas or suggestions on how to implement any of the following would be greatly approceiated.

    1. Need to programatically attach a file to a specific instance and reset from a completed to an open stage. The instance may require multiple file attachments and each attachment will trigger an email notification.

    2. Need to programatically create a CSV file on a regularly scheduled basis. The file is used to pass information about instances that are currently in a specific stage to a validation program running on a different computer platform.

    3. Need to programatically alter a report. The report displays IT Changes for a specific period. The period date range must remain static throughout the period and then roll forward at the beginning of the next period.

    4. Need to progmatically copy an existing instance (template) to create a new instance.



    For 1: look to the API functions to see if that gives you what you require

    For 2: look at the newly released DataExportScheduler:


    For 3: not totally sure what you mean, but perhaps look at how you can set up datasource filters where you can set a condition based on a ‘date’ to only show data that was entered before/after that date. I’m looking to do something similar as well, and will post as I find how it can be done

    for 4: not sure what you mean there though but it could be that Parent/Child function will be of use, where you can pass data from one form into another




    Regarding point 3 where you want a report to show a specific rolling period of time. Look at including in your REPORT some form objects (on a ‘helpers page’ perhaps) and then use normal ‘behaviour’ actions to define a date field to be the beginning of your ‘period’.

    This date field can then be utilised within a Set Filter behaviour on the form set to this date field and defining the appropriate Operator to then show you the data from that date from your datasource

    For instance.. if you wanted to show ‘current week’ where Sunday is the ‘start’ date, identify the ‘current day’ using the function Weekday Number to then use that value in another behaviour such that the most recent Sunday date is written into a date input object.

    Then in your ‘set filter’ use the operator ‘greater’ to this field and then the resultant data from that datasource will show you the data since Sunday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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