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    I’m setting notices off of dates in a child form. I want the dates to be determined in the parent form, and then get pulled into the child form.

    I first set up the date fields in the parent form as date input fields, and set up the fields for pulling the dates into the child form as simple text fields. When I did that, the fields pulled into the form fine, but then the notices did not go out on the dates.

    I concluded that the fields in the child form needed to be date fields as well, so that the notice would recognise the content of the field as a date. So I changed the fields in the child form that I wanted the dates to pull into from the parent field as date input fields also. Now my notices will get sent on those dates, but the actual dates will not pull into the child form fields from the parent form fields. The behaviors & parameter names SEEM correct – where did I go wrong?



    I assume you have the parameter name set on the ‘show form’ action on the parent, where then are you calling the ‘set field’ action where you have set the GetCustomParameter function to call this parameter name ?

    but also, do you have more than one field you are trying to populate with the GetCustomParameter? There is a limit on how long the data to be passed can be of 250 chars:




    I am not using ‘show form’. I have a table, where-in our client inputs a list (with names, title, phone & email) of all the people will take our assessment.

    There is a child form button in the first column of this table and I click on each of those buttons to make one child form instance for each row in the table.

    In the table set-up, I have created a custom parameter for several (21 total) of the fields in the parent form.

    Then, yes, I have a button in the child form where I have 21 ‘set field’ actions to pull in the 21 fields from the parent form, using the GetCustomParameter. Each field has it’s own custom parameter, none have more than 50 characters.

    I had the pulling-in action working fine – all my fields were pulling in correctly. Then I discovered that the date fields, which were supposed to be setting dates for reminder notices to the person taking the assessment, were not setting the notices. (I can’t recall how I knew that). So I concluded that if the fields had no specific format, the program didn’t know they were dates & couldn’t use them for notices.

    So I changed each of those fields on the form layout to be date pickers, and now they won’t pull the date from the parent form anymore.

    So – is my problem the date picker?

    The real question is: how do I set dates in the parent form that flow through to the child form in the correct format to schedule a notification?




    The method you seem to be trying should be working correctly. Whether your date field is a standalone object or a column in a table, it will pass the data into a date field on the child form. I would suggest you set up a small test parent/child where you can first see that a standard date object will pass into a date field in the child form and then update the parent to do this from a table column set as ‘date’ to confirm.

    Once you have seen that, then review all your actions on the 2 forms here to check you have all the parameters correctly set



    I will try that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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