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    Does anyone have experience with this? For example, I’d like to have a web page with a Google Map and a PerfectForm on it, and when the user marks start and end points on the map I could pull the distance into PF. Is that even possible?



    There may be a few different ways to do this, but they would require use of the Google API, or the ability to receive JavaScript calls.

    The first example, you may want to play with inserting the map directly into the form. Using a “Text” field, select the “HTML” box in your properties to allow you to insert code into the text value. This code would reference the map you would like to insert. You may need to adjust it for proper fitment. Now, utilizing their API, you may be able to set up communications between the form and the map itself. Please refer to their documentation:

    The other option would be to embed both the form and the map in a web page. Utilizing our JavaScript Calling ability, we can insert values produced by the map into fields within the form.



    Either way may take some development, but I hope this leads you in the right path.





    I was just wondering if you were able to do this and if so, which approach did you take?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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