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    I have been a user of Quask FormArtist for years (The professional version). I have also signed up for Perfect forms and find this product very useful as well.

    I have a serious problem in that I currently have multiple surveys running using Quask with large corporate customers. My PC hard drive has just given up the ghost (fortunately, I managed to unregister my copy of Quask before it died completely). I also store backups of everything. Now here’s where I have a real problem – I have just reinstalled Quask on my new PC and gone to enter my key and it states that it can no longer connect to the server, I get the same problem when I try and get FormArtist to check for the latest version.

    I need some help as these clients are asking for an update on their survey results and I cannot give this to them.

    I would appreciate some assistance.




    If you wish to have your FormArtist key reset, a $25 fee applies.

    Navigate to /support.php and choose Quask / Formartist from the Type drop-down menu. From there you can hit continue to follow the procedure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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