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    Is it possible to read or query unsaved data in an offline form? I’d like to build an application that integrates with the form data in an offline context.

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    We have a module called the Offline Forms Manager (OFM): /Documentation/manual/html/?tu_perfectforms_offline_form_manager.htm

    It allows you to create instances of a form, save them, and then upload them into your PerfectForms account when you once again have connectivity.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, Dennis. I saw the OFM reference but what I’d like is something a little more customized. From what I understand, under OFM the form will behave pretty much like an online form, except it saves the data for unfinished forms locally until reconnected and the user saves the form.

    What I would like is to be able to use some programming language to read the partially finished data from an independent application. Ideally the app could be started from a button but that’s not what I’m asking here. Just whether it’s possible for a custom program on the client to ready the contents of the saved data.

    Thanks very much,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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