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    I have it setup so that when an applicant submits the form, an email notification is sent. Sometimes up to 6 of the same message is sent, sometimes only 4, seems like never just 1… I am lost as to what I should do.



    Sorry, not clear what you are struggling with here, but there is no restriction to the number of ‘actions’ you can have in each notification event, or how many notification actions you can have.

    what is it that dictates whether one or 6 emails are needed to be sent and where are you storing the details of who to send the email to? if it is into a table object, where each row contains the email, then look at what you can do setting up your notification action to the ‘table – column XX – all rows’. this will send the emails out to all the addresses contained in that column in your table



    Well, it’s an interactive, fill in employment application, when the person finishes filling it in, they “submit” it. I have a form command of “submit” and it links to a workflow command of “notify”. Inside the notify window I have two people listed and using fixed email addy’s for the notifications to be sent to.

    let me know if you need more info, i don’t know what other info i need to provide here for any advice/help. thank you



    Try running the form in ‘debug’ mode. The notifications won’t be sent and the form will not ‘submit’, but you will see in the debug pane all the script actions as they run. Look to see if you see more than one notify action running for any reason indicating that you may have a loop in your actions causing the submit actions in your workflow diagram to be running more than once and therefore causing the duplication



    Well, I am a bit confused. The form is 3 pages. On the third page is the only submit function and the only one tied to any notification function. When it is clicked it gives no errors but only says there is no workflow defined. Though, the problem appears to be on page 2, there exists a “next page” function which takes the user to page 3. When it is clicked it references the submit button on page 3 as the problem point. In no way have I tried to link these two things together and neither do I want it as such. Should I recreate the submit function? and maybe the next page button too? or is there something I am missing.. ?


    I am new to this discussion, so forgive me for throwing a curve ball; We have found that best practices for notifications is to place them in the workflow. On the join path between workflow stages you can have behaviors. This is where I place notifications.

    For your problem specifically I would check the behaviors behind the next page button on page 2. Then go through the behaviors behind the submit button.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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