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    As typcially seen in help desk solution, the correspondences around the ticket are entered and viewed within the ticket for historical tracking. Can this type of interaction be created in perfectforms. For example, i create a request, then the tech asks a question, i answer, tech asks another q, i answer…etc. All of the q – a would be viewed in the form for this ticket along with who and the time of the entry.



    Yes. Consider a multline text inpuut field and how you can use the ‘set field’ script to write the value of another field into this field, and if you look at the Special Util -New Line you can see there how you can set up a history field of what was entered in a ‘question’ field and then ‘answer’ field on the next line. and then also including the Special Util – Current Date and Special Util-Current Time in conjunction with the functions available for date/time (ie you can show the current date as DAY or MONTH.. or both)



    would you be able to provide an example for using the above approach.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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