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    I have a simple report in which I want to filter based on one field in the data source form. I’ve selected the correct field in the filter selector properties, but it is clearly pulling in the wrong thing. It gives me a drop down that has some labels from some radio button options that are in a different section of the form.



    Are you saying that the filter is not showing you the options to filter as you expect? if so, review the object names you are using on the actual form to check that the field used in the filter selector the correct one. could for instance you inadvertently have duplicate field names



    No – I am saying that I am selecting the field I want. I know it is the correct field, I’d used it before in this same report & it did what I expected previously. But now, although I select that field, the drop down gives me something completely not what it should be.



    have a look at ‘debug’ (under the FORM menu item) where you can preview the form but also see what actions/events are running as the report runs. Could there be other actions on the form that are influencing what you are trying to see here.

    Also.. see if adding in a new page to the current report, and then setting up the same filter input object also presents this situation. if it is all OK there, then delete the object you are having the problems with and add in again.

    if that doesn’t help, can you contact us directly at with your account details and we can look to review the server action logs to see if that helps identify what is going on here



    I had this problem previously. At some point I happened on the issue (for me) – I had republished the form I was reporting from.

    If you republish the report, you need to go into the datasources in the report properties pane, click to “edit” whatever sources are there that were republished, and click on “refresh” in the edit window.

    That solved my problem. Hopefully it solves yours!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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