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    I have a Leave Application Form and there is a TextInput Field called “Balance”.A numeric value is entered in this textinput by user and form is submitted and it goes to closed stage.

    A form instance is created when any employee wants to go on holidays. I want to create a report on basis of this leave application form.Where I want to show employee information, Last Submission Date and Balance field.Im able to get all this information in my report but the only problem is that I want LAST FORM INSTANCE of employee showing “Balance” field for ALL employees whereas what im getting is ALL form instances of ALL Employees.

    How can I create such report with LAST FORM INSTANCE.



    I think you are saying that you want a report that shows you for each individual employee the value in the balance field from the most recently submitted instance. Correct?

    If that is the case, I would use a form connection and a hidden table in my report. Create a connection to your Leave Application form. Send parameter = name, return parameter = Balance, and Name. When the report opens use the connection to populate a drop-down with all of the names in the form instances (leave send parameter value empty). When that drop-down changes data use a Connection to send the name in the drop-down and return the balance to all rows of the table. Then use a Set Table Rows to go to the last row (most recent instance) and finally use a Set Field to set a field in the report with the value in the current row (the balance value from the last instance for that person).

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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