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    I don’t understand how Report works. I was thinking this is where I design a layout for my report which I just call, after populating (i.e. table inside report), based on retrieved data from a table in a form. Unfortunately, when I do a print, it just prints the report “straight through” meaning, the layout (headers and margins) only applies to the first page (moreover, buttons inside the report are also included in the print out).

    I was also hoping I can specify whether to have the report printed or saved to a pdf file.

    (Or is this a purely “on screen” development platform to not cater to reporting requirements as systematically necessary to any business application???)


    There are free on line training videos which can be found at /training_videos.php. There are videos on many topics including reporting.

    If you use a print behavior or print button in the report, it will print directly to PDF which can be saved or printed to hard copy. If you want to hide specific objects on the page, it can be done using set state behavior objects. As your requirements increase, your knowledge and proficiency with the tool will have grow.There are extensive resources available including the online help guide and training videos. If you require more personalized assistance PerfectForms offers personal training targeted at specific needs as well. Contact you account executive for details.



    Exactly sir, printing requires me to save it first to PDF (as it is the only option with this development platform) and use another application such as Adobe Reader to open the PDF and have it printed. Is this the only way PF provide for printing reports?

    With regards to the setting the state behavior of objects, I understand this process, what I was asking is if this is really how it is done? Do I need to hide buttons? can’t I just say print the report (populated from a form) and PF will have that report printed, skipping pages and repeating headers set on the layout on every page thereafter.


    Printing is how I have described. The PerfectForms print functionality will produce a PDF. You can choose to print and/or save the PDF. If you do not want buttons to appear on the print, the state of the objects must be changed to hidden using set state behaviors.



    I’ll content myself with the PDF output but the output where the header is only executed on the first page is not acceptable. Is there a way to have a headers which repeats itself on every page?


    Are you talking about addendum pages in the print, or simply printing all of the pages in your form? Addendum pages will print to accommodate for data that does not fit on the page (hidden by scroll bars). Addendum pages will print without format. Any objects can be hidden/shown before printing regular form pages .

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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