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    Hi, i have recently started using PerfectForms at work in my role and find it brilliant software.

    I have created a few forms now, but have a couple of queries im hoping someone may be able to help me with.

    1. What would you suggest is the easiest way to allow a user who doesnt have an account on PerfectForms to view any submitted forms they have submitted and the status of each one. I currently have a fiels at the top of my form for Status and it shows the “Form-Stage”. But have noticed if i supply any links to a report, it requires a login. I want users to not have to login to view their submissions.

    2. The forms i have created dont have a Closed stage as i wish to have the submitted forms send out a reminder 11 months after the form is submitted. I understand i can setup a reminder style email via the notification window. However the trouble im having is i test the form and get the email and a link in the email which was inserted when setting up the notification. I click the link and it loads the form fine and will show its open and still active on the dashboard. But if i try to use the same link again the day after or any day in the future Internet Explorer shows a “Page cannot be displayed” message, like the form doesnt exist. If i then put the clock back to the current day and try again. The link works and the page shows. I so so need to have the form accessible constantly so if 11 months and a few days past then the user can click the link and review the form and submit and changes and it then complete again for a further 11 months. Why would the link not work after the day its created ?

    3. I am creating a report for administrative reasons and each time it picks up a number, if the number ends in a Zero, the report or email doesnt show the Zero at the end.

    Im sorry for the huge message, i am just at a brick wall at moment and noticed how many great replys people have got on here and hoped someone may be able to do the same for me.

    Thank You all in advance :-)


    1) If a user does not have a license they can access a form instance two ways: From a link in a notification, or a link in a form (using a show form behavior object).

    2)I need to look at your workflow in the form. I will send an email to you. Please reply and attach an export of your form (the .pf file) and I will review for you.

    3)What is the source of the number? Is the zero after a decimal?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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