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    I have a created a time off request form and report. I would like my report to show the total minutes, hours, and days using the beginning date/time and ending date/time from the form. Any help would be appreciated.



    I have built a sample form to demonstrate the behavior. It is a bit complex. I will email you the sample form. Import it into your account to review the behavior.


    I deleted the new topic forum post and added it to this string as it is a continuation…

    This may be beyond the scope of Perfect Forms, but is it possible to convert date difference results based on the 24 hours day to an eight hour work day? I am capturing the Beginning Date/Time and Ending Date/Time then trying calculate the days, hours, and minutes used. It looks like I also have to consider the start and end of each persons workday and exclude weekends and holidays. Any help would be appreciated.



    This capability is certainly not native in PerfectForms,. You could probably build the behavior. The first step is to fully and completely define the requirement. Once you have done that you may find that there is a web service available to do the calculation for you. Then you would simply have to create a web service connection as described in our help guide: /Documentation/manual/html/?d_webservicesconnections.htm. If you need it built in PerfectForms we could provide a quote once the requirements are fully defined.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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