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    Is there a way that source data for Reporting can be taken from two different forms i.e. like a Join. At the moment you can only select one form as the source of your reporting data but we have two forms which have similar data and we’d like to consilidate them into one report. I cant see how this can be done but thought I’d ask.



    Each reporting object can only have one source. A page in a report can have more than one data source but the problem with doing that is that the objects reporting on the second (or third, etc…) source cannot respect the dynamic filter input from the first. The report would only be partially dynamic and therefore very confusing for the user.

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    I have a question regarding data source for report.

    How should I design a report which will allow me to display some dynamic information from another system (such as PeopleSoft) along with Perfectforms data? I am sorry if the question is not clear. Thanks.


    The PerfectForms reporting tool will only report on form instance data. If you want to report on data from an outside data source you need to create a connection and create instances with that data. Then report on those new instances.



    Thanks. What we need to do is to see if is possible to report on Peoplesoft (student registration) data, which has already been incorporated into the form instances. However when the form instance is submitted, the PS data on the form becomes static – it is a snapshot of the registration data at that moment, and if the student drops certain classes or adds some other classes, we don’t have a way to capture and display those changes from Perfectforms reoprt. Would you suggest something like helper form, or any other mechanism for this (ex. use Web Services instead of database connection…?). I am hoping there is a way to handle this, which would be very good for system integration. Thanks.


    The PerfectForms reporting tool will only report on form instance data. To do what you are describing you would have to either create a new set of instances or open every existing instance, refresh the data with a connection and submit before each time you use the report. I do not have a practical solution for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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