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    Hey All,

    I have a report I’m currently working on that requires the reporting of an issuance, review, and the approval/rejection stages of the related form. How can I apply this to both a data grid and a bar chart? Seems like it should be relatively simple, maybe I’m missing something?




    To clarify the post above, what I’m trying to do is only show stages that are open or currently in action, not “closed” stages. Is there any way in PerfectForms to differentiate what stages to show for a bar chart/data grid? Right now I’m using the Meta-Stage setting for the field in both the bar chart & data grid. I hope this helps clarify my first response from above.


    Give your stages a number at the end of the stage name. For example customer1, managment2, production3, and closed4. Publish your form and map the old instances to the new version. Then when the report opens use a set filter behavior object. Set the field to meta-stage. Set the operator to less. Set the value to the name of your closed stage. The only instances that will show on the report will be those not in the closed stage.




    Thanks for the help; I tried to do that, and I came up with the following error message:

    ‘An error has occurred.

    Invalid aggreagation for the ‘{0}’ column of the ‘{1}’ report object! This type of aggregation is available only for numeric data types!’

    Any idea as to why this may be showing up?



    I have sent you a screenshot of the behavior object.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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