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    The state of your form objects can be set depending on the work flow stage and the role of the person viewing the form. In other words, you can make an object like a drop-down hidden, read only, disabled, or editable depending on who is viewing the instance, and when they are viewing it.

    There are a couple of pieces to this functionality that I will address here: Getting the form to recognize when the person in a specific role is viewing the instance, and the difference between “default” and “normal” states.

    For an instance to recognize a person as occupying a role, they must receive a notification and access the instance from that notification. It is important to note that the notification must specify the role in the general tab of the notification.

    Regardless of the stage and role, if the state of an object is set to “default”, it will return to the state it was most recently, or was at the time of last submission. If you want an object to become readable and editable, use the “normal” state.



    Regarding the object state (hidden/normal…)based on the corresponding workflow stages and roles, is it true that we should be able to preview the results through “Preview” (from menu Form) the form with desired setting of “Stage” and “Role” (from State and Mandatory). I am having an issue where the object is correctly displaying (with Normal state) when I am previewing it through View as Stage and Role. However when I actually tested it out with a published form instance on the desired stage through the notification email link as you have described, this particular object however becomes Hidden at the stage for this role.

    Is it possible that there is a difference between Preview (based on stage and role) and the actual published form regarding object state? Is there any other way for me to test and see the objects’ states during form development? Thanks.


    The easiest way to test if you have it right is to put two fields on your form for role and stage. When the form opens set the fields with stage and role. Then run your test. Make sure you remove or hide these fields before you publish your form into production.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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