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    Is it possible to run a behavior when the user presses the Enter key in my form? I see this behavior on the PerfectForms login page after you enter your email/password and want to reproduce on my own page.



    Yes you can do this.. Behaviours can be run under an event on a button, in this case on the ‘when button is pressed’



    Let me clarify…

    On the PerfectForms login page you enter your username/password and press the Enter key to login. You don’t have to click the Login button. I am trying to mimic the behavior in my form. I want the user to be able to press the Enter key which will run a “Button is Pressed” behavior behind a button in my form. Instead, pressing the Enter key is tabbing between fields.



    Sorry, didn’t spot the ‘enter key’ .. replied initially based on ‘press a button’ ..

    but this isn’t a ‘form’ that is doing this I’m afraid. it is part of the actual ‘application’ side.

    but even so, you can could do this by running a script on one of the ‘events’ of that field. check it out perhaps first by using the ‘show message’ script to see which is the best ‘event’ that suits your requirements. Then its just a matter of replacing that ‘show message’ with whatever behaviours you are looking to run

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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