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    How can a user save a form before submitting it and later on opens the same form and submit it.




    Many ways you could do this but look first to the interactive example forms to see the basic techniques




    Yes.i have already seen it.But i can;t get the “Behaviour-Last Command was successful”.

    im notifying user that there is a form that needs to complete.Its working fine.

    But when user again opens the form and completes it and submits it,form remains in user;s notifications.Whereas it should move to next stage as set in workflow.




    The form will route to the next workflow stage based on the ‘rule’ that you apply to the worklow path


    whatever rule/condition you have set on your form so that the users can Save you then need to consider in your workflow diagram path condition as well, so that in the ‘save’ the form does NOT go to the next stage, but when they ‘submit’ then it will

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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