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    I have a multi-page form with a button on each page for saving data so the end user can resume filling out the form later. The button’s behavior is to perform a mandatory check for 4 fields (First name, Last Name, Primary Email address, Secondary Email address) then if successful, send a notification to each address with the URL, then submit data and re-open the instance.

    The issue that we’re experiencing is that the above works fine for the first page, but if the user continues to a latter page (say page 2 or 3) and uses the submit button, when the instance re-opens after submission only the data entered in the fields on page 1 is visible; fields on all subsequent pages that were filled out appear to be blank. The same is true if the user accesses the instance from the URL received in the notification email.

    However, when we log in as an administrator and view the instance in question, we are able to see the field data that was submitted on the pages where its blank for the user (so it seems it was saved successfully, but the end user is no longer able to view it).

    Thanks for any help.

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