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    I have a unique identifier for the Form name. The user is identified with this same identifier. The form in this case should only have one instance of the form name. Therefore, if the user enters their ID in a new form I want to search for the ID and if found redirect the user to that stored form. Need to prevent the user from having more than one stored form for their ID.

    Is there a way to search the Form name or will I need to search the database for the unique identifier?



    If you have this ‘unique identifier’ stored in a field on your form then you can run a ‘connect’ action as the users load a new instance of the form to be able to advise a form already exists and could then populate the new instance with this data, but this wouldn’t help you in terms of ‘only one stored form’ of course.

    There could be a few ways to try to cover this. One could be that when a user submits the form the first time, you send them a ‘notify’ and within the email present them a link to THEIR form, and ask them to ‘bookmark’ it perhaps for future use

    If they do load a ‘new form instance’ you could run a connect action as above to then present a message to the user to tell them there is an existing form already and to refer to the email they were sent and then not allow them to enter in to this new form, and if they hadn’t ‘saved’ that, give them instructions on who to contact (ie you perhaps) so you can find the details they need (ie the link to their form).

    You could even look to store the ‘link to form instance’ on the form as they first submit it, and if the ‘connect’ action shows they have a form instance already return that link to a field on the form for them to copy/paste into their browser



    I used the connect to the find the form and that works beautifully. However, I have noticed that it is rather difficult to get the user’s form link stored on the form. Especially if it on the first step of the process (i.e. new submission of form). However, what I did discover is that I can provide a button on the first page of the form that allows a person to send an email with the link of the form to the requester even in the first step by submitting the data and then re-open the same instance. This makes it possible for another person in the process to be able to re-establish the link that the user will need for making changes to the form.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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