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    Hello PerfectForms Users,
    Today I will be discussing a couple of options for changing Text based on a condition. The first option will allow the data to be saved, and utilized in other functions. This can be achieved with both a text field object and a set field command.

    The application of a Set Field command can be nearly limitless, as you can use advanced conditions as well as the formula editor. When setting a field, you will want to ask yourself the following questions:

    – Do I want to keep this data?
    – Do I want to access this data?

    If the answer is “No” to either of these, you will want to use one of the following methods instead of that previously mentioned. Setting a field does achieve the goal of showing text; however it does take up database space. If you are not looking to submit text you are editing, please refer to the following:

    Using “Set State” to show text based on a condition –
    Set state will allow you to pre-set text objects. Text objects differ from a text input as they do not submit to the database. Here you can pre set a few options as to what the text needs to say, and use Set State commands on the objects to decide which one shows. This option will allow you to display custom text when needed.
    With this option you are limited to as many pre defined text sets you can create. The overhead on this behavior is fairly low as all objects can remain hidden until the text needed should be displayed. If you need something a bit more flexible, please refer to the next option.

    Using a Set Property command –
    The displayed text of a Text Object can actually be changed with a set property command. Set property has all the versatility of a Set Field. You can use a formula to set the verbiage of the text, you even have the added option of setting the location, size, font, and color. This command is great, and highly flexible. When using the Set Property command, you will want to keep in mind the work required. You will need to test any possibility, both desired and undesired, thoroughly to ensure your goal is met.
    Setting a property will not have to be re-done whenever the text is set, so the updates will remain throughout the instance unless another change is made.

    I hope this update will help you in building out some great new functionality.
    Happy Form Building!

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