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    I have a form which is for employees to request time off. Built into the form is the ability for an administrator to list substitute teachers who will work while the employee is away. I have used a table to create child instances for each of the subs so that we can keep track of their payroll. This works pretty well.

    The problem comes in when the original employee decides to cancel their leave. I need a way to mark the payroll for these subs as canceled. I would also like to move those payroll child instances into a “Canceled” stage. I have a “cancel” button column in the previously mentioned table which I would like to initiate these actions.

    I found a somewhat related topic in this subforum (/forums/topic/186), but I’m not having any success with the answers there. I think part of my problem is that I just don’t understand how to properly set up a “form connection”. The PF Help Guide isn’t very helpful about it, so I’d greatly appreciate some advice!


    I would use a a Show Form object to open the child instance and pass two custom parameters. When the child instance opens use Set Field objects to receive the custom parameters. The First parameter should be whatever condition is required to move the instance to the next stage. The second parameter should be set in a helper field to determine if the child is being opened by the parent to move it to another stage. The value can be as simple as a “1”. Next use a Simple Branch to see if the helper field is empty. If it is not empty Clear the value in the field (so you can open the instance in the future) and submit the instance.

    The instance should now be in the different stage.

    The method I have described requires no interaction with the child instance from the user. Yes it does open. But the instance opens, receives the parameters, runs the behaviors, submits, and moves to the next stage all by itself. It is a few blips in the browser.

    There is not way for an instance to change workflow stages without opening and submitting.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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