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    I have a form with 3 stages.First lets say User,Second Supervisor,third Manager.

    And form flows in the same sequence/flow.A user fills up form and submits it,it goes to 2nd stage to supervisor for approval and then goes to 3rd stage for manager approval.I have managed the form to move from user stage i.e. First Stage to Third Stage,skipping Second Stage.Using “Set Next Stage” behaviour under certain conditions.

    Now if i want to send my form back in reverse order how can i do.For Example a form instance is created and form goes to 3rd stage skipping 2nd stage.Now Manager at 3rd stage wants to send form back to first stage skipping 2nd stage.And on any other form instance user wants to have a formal flow i.e User->Supervisor->Manager.How can form be sent in reverse order.




    why complicate things using the ‘set next stage’ behaviour? Use the workflow diagram and then you can set the ‘condition’ to send the form from any stage into another stage on the path properties

    refer to the user guide and use the ‘search’ tab – enter ‘path properties’ to see how this can be used

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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