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    I am having a very difficult time opening a form in internet explorer. Is there a internet option setting that is blocking a form from opening in a new tab. Example: when I am in a parent form and press a button with a behavior of “show form” the child will not open in a new window. It just flashes briefly and will not function.

    It seems to work in firefox, however, I am the only person who can make it work in my company. We are also having trouble printing in firefox. Any suggestions?



    IE browser does have ‘pop up blocker’ settings that you may need to review. it is possible that the ‘default’ setting is to block everything.

    in terms of printing in firefox.. not anything we’ve heard or seen before to be honest. Please raise via the support ticket attaching your form, details of what this ‘trouble’ is and any detail required if there are specific steps required running your form to be able to print and we can look into it.

    PS.. also note what version of firefox you are using.. there have been a few updates recently in firefox so worth confirming you are running the latest



    I have tried adjusting the pop up blocker. I have turned the pop up blocker off, listed the URL in the allowed sites, listed the url in the blocked content setting, tried a adjusting ad-ons. Nothing seems to work. Is there a program that needs to be downloaded ie active x when uploading images? Is there a adobe reader version that should be downloaded and installed before converting to PDF for printing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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