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    Nakia Brewer


    I need to build a simple report that shows me from all form instances the amount of expiries (a field on the form) in each month.

    I want the repot when it opens to maybe show 6 months before and 6 months after (the month should be read when the report opens)

    Anyone got some pointers?


    I think you are asking how to create an aging report. You want to see (for example) a list of invoices that are 30 days old, 60 days old, etc… I have emailed to you a sample report. Import the .PF file into your Reports dashboard to view the behaviors. What I have built is very simple since you cannot see my data source. Point the Set Filters to your Invoice date.



    Nakia Brewer

    Thank you for the example.

    I was thinking I would try and use a dateCalendar object as the objects which sets the filter (only show instances when the month of a field {which contains a date} is the same as the month as the currently selected date of the dateCalendar…

    I mamaged to start to peice this together but the debug is telling me errors “invalid field name ‘F12’ ” when I dont even have a field named that..

    I will email you the report if you are interested ?


    The  behavior you are requesting is complex. The sample I sent you satisfies the requirement. Please try to first set up your report by mirroring the sample I sent.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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