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    I’ve read a bit in the older posts how PerfectForms is unable to sort a table populated from an external database. The workaround suggested was to create a table ‘view’ within the external database and sort it by whatever column you need. Then you would connect to that table to get your sorted table in PerfectForms.

    I may be incorrect in my understanding of the suggestion, but this method of selecting from a ‘view’ table doesnt work.

    Table “sorting” seems to be effective only when you execute a SQL query specifically requesting it to be sorted. That said, the PerfectForms connection command for “select” does not appear to have the option of sorting. Consequently, the creation of a sorted view table would not help unless PerfectForms can ask for it to be sorted.

    Has anyone found a reliable method of sorting tables that are populated from an external database? Even being able to sort on one column by default would be great.


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