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    I have created a form that inputs data and then created a report to show this data. How can the report sort the data based on the columns? The current report shows data as it was entered and thus it is hard to find specific information.



    Oops, as I went back and looked at my report I found the sort feature.

    Now it won’t let me soft the first column, but it will let me sort all the rest.

    Is this by design?



    not that I’m aware of, but it could be the content of this first column is such that it isn’t ‘sortable’ perhaps ? if you could export out your form and the report and send it over to us at we’d be happy to have a look and see what is going on



    I will export out the form and send it to you shortly.

    As a note to this, I moved the fields around so that there were different fields in the first column. It did not matter which field I had in the first column as it would not sort. When I moved the field in the first column to another location it sorted just fine.



    replied to your email as you will have seen and was able to set the ‘sort’ in all the columns, but just also noticed on the design of the form that your LOGO field is overlaying the first column, so even though you may have the report set up to sort, that Emp# isn’t accessible to be ‘clicked’ to sort as it is under your logo field.

    make your logo field smaller, or the data grid ‘less tall’ so that there is no ‘layering’ issues in play and see if that does anything for you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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