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    I have a form which I’ll send to users via email with a form link in it.When user submits a form and it goes to next stage, I dont want user to submit that form again as there will be a link in email which can be used to create a new instance.



    Create a role for your user and send the notification to that role. Make sure that the state of the submit button is hidden or disabled for that role in the relevant workflow stage. Our help guide covers setting the state of objects based on role and workflow stage: /Documentation/manual/html/?fa_setting_a_series_of_states_on_.htm.

    Make sure to give your user a way to CLOSE the instance (rather than submitting it). If a user closes a browser tab while an instance is open that instance will be locked until the time-out period has been reached. I like to put a button with a large, bold X in the top right corner of my forms. When pressed it uses a Close behavior object.

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    Got it.

    Now im facing another problem.If I send a form to 2 users who are not PerfectForms users but are in my Domain.It goes to both of them with a form link in their emails.User A opens form thorugh link, fills it out and submits it.User B opens form through email link and when opens form,same form opens as filled by user A. And when user A submits it the form moves to next stage which is last stage and hence it is closed where as user B has not filled it up yet.I have to sent forms to more than 5 users at the same time.

    So how can we accomplish this.



    Set a condition on the join path to the closed stage that says user A AND user B must have responded before moving to Closed stage.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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