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    I wanted to make a few suggestions for upcoming builds. If I have text input and I select the format of ‘alpha’ for it, I am then unable to enter any spaces in this field. I know a space isn’t really an ‘alpha’ character, but if I have a name field and I only want alphabetic characters in this, what if the person’s name is ‘Mary Sue’ or something similar? I notice the same thing for the alphanumeric format. I guess it’s a trade off because there are probably situations where you definitely don’t want a space to be entered, so I’m not sure what the possible solutions are.


    For the Pre-Defined drop-down lists containing the US States, the District of Columbia is not included. I guess it isn’t technically a state, but if I have this as a required answer, and someone lives there, anything they select will be incorrect. Also, it would be nice for this drop-down list to have a ‘search’ functionality. For example, if the focus is on that list and I type the letter ‘M’, it will jump to the states starting with the letter ‘M’.




    I like the search functionality for the search function, not only for a dropdown box, but also for a search in a report with data list…



    Thank you both for your suggestions. I will pass these along to our development team.



    Also, is there a currency format?



    I was curious whether v1.13 would address the ‘search’ feature of a drop-down list, as in my example with a list of states. Basically, my client is asking about typing the first letter of a State to automatically scroll to that group of states rather than scrolling through the whole list. I notice that a regular list seems to incorporate this feature, so I’m wondering whether I need to create a workaround or just wait for the new release.




    It has just been confirmed that this ‘search’ in drop down will be available in 1.13. current timelines for this release is expected to be early July

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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