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    is it possible to make easily tabbed forms with perfectforms? especially the hiding and showing behavior of info on thes tabbed forms should be easily managed…

    see //



    defining how your users navigate through your form objects can be done in a range of ways with tab control ordering


    There is also an example form you can look at here:


    but also there is the script action ‘Show’ where you can present the user to the next field from behaviors. This function can be useful on the object has lost focus event



    Ian, it is not te tab control ordering. It’s about the visual represantation of a form (have a look at the attached link to see an example of a tabbed form)with a TAB visualization.



    no reason why you can’t design a form like this if you want. You have complete control of how you can design your forms.

    The ‘Set State’ script can be used to show/hide objects as required , but you may find it easier to work on the principle of pages in the form with your own images to be the ‘tab’ you see here, and then as users click the tab it takes them to the specific page on the form



    check out the sample forms on the website:


    a number of them have a design similar to what you are looking for here I think

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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