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    I am pulling a table from another form instance and I have run into a strange problem/bug. After the data is pulled via a connection, a loop runs to populate a new column ‘Seats Left’. Currently I have 4 records, and when the table’s height is tall enough to show all 4 records, everything is good.

    However, when the table is not able to show all the records (and you have to scroll through the list), the 3rd row’s ‘Description’ column is the same as the 4th row’s, and the ‘Seats Left’ column is not populated; however, all the other information is correct.

    I’ve put in some text boxs to reflect what is in the current row and also noticed the second row, when clicked for the first time, shows the correct ‘Description’ in the table but shows row 4’s ‘Description’ in the text box, but again, all other info is correct. When you come leave and then reclick row 2, all the information is back to normal in the text boxes.

    I’ve removed the ‘Seats Left’ update loop and then the table works no matter the physical height of the table, but that’s not a solution. Any one run into this or have any thoughts?

    The Behaviour is

    Connect: NSO Databse
    Set Table Rows: Select First
    Simple Branch: Last Command was Successful
    Set Field: 'Seats Left' = '(Current Row-Capacity) - (Current Row-Seats Remaining)'
    Set Table Rows: Select Next
    Set Table Rows: Select First



    Hmmm, thought I had a fix, but it didn’t work, so nevermind.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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