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    I’ve created a questionnaire and as usual you have a comments box.

    How do I show those comments in a report I use a data list only this has lots of empty pages. Also, the comments go of the screen and you can’t scroll the box to read all the text. Is there a way to set this or better still only output text if it has been input by a user thus creating a dynamic text out put?



    Ok some good news

    I’ve placed a filter on the data source for one of the boxes and this only shows results not blank.

    Is there a way to show these results without page buttons on the data list?



    Ok this doesn’t work for multiple fields Grr!

    Would it be better to create a seperate data source with only the comments results and then filter that?????



    A seperate datasource could be better in terms of you can then set up that datasource with a filter to only show when that field HAS been answered

    have a look to this other forum post for more info on this




    Just a follow up for other users.

    I created a data source for each data list with a filter and used this. Works like a charm.

    Remember to set the width as it helps set the width should you wish to print the report.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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