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    I read this in the help docs for the text input format property:

    If the form user doesn’t enter a value in the format specified, the object is displayed in red.

    I don’t think this is working correctly for me. I have a text input field with the format set to email. When I type in text that is not in the email format. The field is not turned red immediately or when I move the focus to another field. The only way I would know that the field was in the wrong format was if I moused over it, in which case the tooltip telling me its in the wrong format is displayed, or if I clicked back into the form which causes the border around the field to turn red. However, for me, that border does not turn red if focus is not on that field. It also does not prevent me from submitting the form, and i did see any kind of command like “Check Mandatory” for validating text inputs with a format.

    Let me know if I need to submit a support ticket instead with screenshots. I try to hit this channel of support first for the benefit of the community, and then use the ticket system if needed.



    The ‘validity’ of the field is checked as the form is checked when the form is submitted so what you are seeing in terms of ‘immediate’ is correct. However, you say that you can then submit the form even if the format of that field is not in email format. this is not what you should see. please do send over an export of your form via the support ticket so we can check this out to see what is going on.



    I see, I needed to be in a live instance of the form, i was expecting to see this working in preview mode.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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