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    I have a CSV file and im able to connect to it via PerfectForms Agent.By using Select command i have retrieved the data as well.e.g. if gave Name in send parameters and in return i got Email according to that Name.Its all fine.

    But if i want to display all the names in that CSV file in a list and then i want to send email on selecting any of the Names.How can this be done.




    There are many possible ways this can be done, hard to say what is the best for your specific requirements but have a look at the interactive example form where all the different techniques of connect and connect and search are covered


    the ‘pop up lookup’ example for instance may be what you want to use here although the ‘background lookup’ may also be something to look at as well



    i think populating table object suits me.How can i select all the records in the CSV file as im using Select command getting Name from a Text Input Box and return Email accordinngly in the first row of table.

    I want to dispaly all the records when that page is opened.




    have a closer look at that example form by downloading and importing into your account so you can see how these methods are handled

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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